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Updated: Apr 12

a love letter to life documented for your viewing pleasure

My name is Casey (kc/cj/casey j/anything but cassie). I'm 20 years old, based in Pittsburgh, PA, and working on making my way into the music industry!

Casey Seagriff - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I currently write for a few music publications including my own e-zine Fangirls World Tour where I work alongside a team of motivated fans to create content about pop culture. I've been featured on Backstage: A High School Guide a podcast focused on educating high schoolers about getting started in the music industry.

I'm set to graduate in June with an Associate's Degree in Music Business from The Musician's Institute. I plan to continue writing & creating content as well as working as an artist & tour manager based in New York. (manifesting at its finest)

Living the Fangirl to Music Industry Professional Pipeline

I am so passionate about elevating and empowering fans and the work they do for their favorite artists. Fans hold all the power and its time professionals start recognizing that. You can read about my fangirl journey on That Fangirl Life Blog !


Ever since I can remember I've been carrying around a camera. Taking pictures of my cat on my mom's flip phone, directing and starring in disaster films with my cousins, and documenting every sunset outside of my old high school. There's just something about growing up in the digital age where I can create a time capsule of my life and share it with the world if I so choose.

Asthmatic, Ice Cream Enthusiast, Roller Derby Wannabe

If anyone knows anything about me, it's that ice cream is my favorite food.

I will always have room for dessert, my ideal day is spent on the beach with a book, & live music owns my heart. I've more recently gotten back into roller skating, practicing as the weather allows, and journaling because I love it (not because I hope someone will read it.)

You can follow me on social media, check out my YouTube page, connect with me on LinkedIn, or book a shoot with me now!

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